World Language

The ability to communicate in a second language increases opportunities to interact with other people and to gain insight into other cultures. Through a communicative approach of listening, speaking, reading and writing, students focus on what they can do with the language and how well they can communicate in given situations; Spanish is offered in 7th and 8th grade.


Seventh grade Spanish classes are taught on a "wheel" with Career and College Readiness and Art. This means students will have one of the three classes every day for 12 weeks, then rotate to 12 weeks of the next class and so on. Students use the textbook Avancemos as a guide to explore Spanish-speaking culture of the United States as well as Mexico. They discuss their likes, daily activities, school, feelings, and pastimes. We will learn through games, skits, listening and speaking activities. Over 12 weeks, students will have been taught almost one semester of Spanish I.

Eighth grade Spanish classes meet every day for a full year. Their learning picks up where seventh grade left off in Avancemos. They journey through Puerto Rico, Spain, and Ecuador to learn about meals and foods, discussing and describing family, shopping and exploring new cities, and finally describing a home and planning family gatherings. Students earn letter grades for each trimester of the course, each equals approximately 13 weeks of class. Students who pass eighth grade Spanish earn three high school graduation credits.

After Spanish I at Oltman, students may choose to continue on to Spanish 2 or begin a new language at the high school level.