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About Our School 

Oltman Middle School is one of four middle schools in South Washington School District 833. Approximately 930 students come to Oltman from Bailey, Cottage Grove El, Pullman, Pine Hill, and Newport elementary schools. Upon completing eighth grade, students attend Park High School in Cottage Grove or East Ridge High School in Woodbury. Oltman is an AVID Demonstration School, one of the first middle schools in the eastern suburbs to do so.

There are five schools in District 833 with the T3 (Transforming Thinking through Technology) focus that aligns with the district's strategic plan, of which Oltman is the only middle school. All students use an iPad as their resource to learning 24-7. Engagement is the key to providing an enriched learning environment for our middle level learners. Students use their iPad for math, science and social studies without the need of a textbook. They access their textbook in math and science from their iPad and use this resource to engage in cooperative learning environments.

Oltman Middle School serves students in grades six through eight, and is a true middle school. The framework of our school focuses around the "house" concept in which each grade has a core group of students aligned with a core group of teachers. These teachers work as a team at each grade level and meet daily to coordinate curriculums, interdisciplinary themes, technology and discuss students.

Academic achievement in the areas of reading, writing and math are the main focus of Oltman Middle School in addition to addressing the intellectual and social areas of emerging adolescent learners.  All students are encouraged to explore their interests, participate, and become involved in our school. The middle school experience builds on the foundations started at the elementary level and prepares them for programming provided at the high school.


Students are required to attend school every day and are required to report to all of their classes on time. While there are legitimate reasons for a student to be absent, parents need to make sure their student is in school every day. Students who miss four days in a month or seven days for the entire school year are considered to have excessive absences. Students who have poor attendance will have truancy filed on them to Washington County. Parents are expected to notify the school the day(s) their child is absent from school. To report your child absent, please call 425-3535. Following an absence students are required to report to the office with a note explaining their absence, they then are issued an "Admit" so they can return to their classes.



Rules and disciplinary procedures exist to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone at OMS and create an ideal environment for learning. Disciplinary guidelines are consistent throughout the district. Discipline guidelines are listed in this planner.


Bikes must be placed and locked in the bike racks next to the main entrance of the building. Students are not allowed to ride bikes in the bus loading area or on the main sidewalk.


Student cellular phones must be stored in an "off" mode from the arrival at school until the dismissal at the end of the day. If a student uses or has a cell phone out, these items will be confiscated by the teacher/staff member until the parent can make arrangements to pick the item up. These items will be retained for a longer period of time if the student continues to violate the following policy.


  • First Offense-Cell phone confiscated, parent must pick up.
  • Second Offense- Cell phone confiscated, parent must pick up, one period of detention.
  • Third Offense- Cell phone confiscated, parent must pick up, three periods of detention, 30 day hold on the phone. Detentions must be completed before phone is returned

**These procedures are guidelines for administrators enforcing discipline policies.


Student dress should never distract from the educational process. Cleanliness, neatness, and appropriateness will be stressed. Distasteful or distracting dress will not be permitted. The following will not be permitted in our school:

  • Shirts or other garments with profanity, inappropriate language, suggestive messages, or tobacco, drug, or alcohol product advertising/bars or harassing messages.
  • Clothing with large tears in the material.
  • No midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, or sleeveless undershirts.
  • Jackets and coats are not allowed in class.
  • Caps, hats, head bands, chains, bandanas, sunglasses, and other headwear.
  • All gang related clothing, insignias or colors.
  • Shoes are to be worn at all times, bedroom slippers are not permitted in school.
  • Pants must be fastened about the waist. Pants cannot have chains attached.
  • Short Skirts or short Shorts – skirts & shorts should go past the length of the wearer's fingertips when arms are down.
  • Backpacks and purses are not allowed in class.

Please note – Building principals will make the final decision on dress code violations.


Morning Arrivals (7:25 - 7:50)

During this time, the bus doors, front doors, and activity doors will be open for students. All doors will lock at 7:55, and students or visitors arriving after that time will need to be buzzed into the building. During good weather, please utilize the entire right hand lane to drop off students. Because cars will be moving in the left lane, it is safest to have all students exit on the right (sidewalk ) side. The left hand lane will be used as a travel/passing lane. At no time should students be dropped off in this lane. In the winter and during inclement weather, plan ahead. We have a wonderful covered area that we expect people to use during these times, but this means increased wait time. Please bring your patience, stay off your cell phone, and utilize your vehicle's turn signals and go slow! Also, if you need to have a conversation, sign a form, write out a check, or do anything that requires more than a "drop and roll", please use the parking lot. Finally, remember to watch for students walking or riding bikes (scooters, skateboards, etc.) and yield to pedestrians in ALL crosswalks including the Student Drop Off lane.


Students should not bring any electronic devices to school. This includes but is not restricted to: CD players, CD's, MP3 players, cassette players, cellular telephones, pagers, cameras, etc. These items will be confiscated by the teacher/staff/administration and stored in the school vault until the parent can make arrangements to pick the item up.


Any misuse will result in the consequences that are set up by district policy.


A student leaving the building during the school day must have a pass from the main office. A pass is obtained for students by calling the attendance office before 8:00 am. or by having the student bring a note from the parent to the main office. If someone other than the parent or legal guardian is picking up a student, the parent or guardian must give that person's name in their note or phone call for release. All parents (or persons designated by the parent or guardian) must come into the main office and sign the student out.


Lockers are provided for the students but are the property of the school. It is the student's responsibility to keep those lockers clean and care for them in an appropriate manner. Inspection of lockers may be conducted by school authorities at any time. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS A STUDENT TO SHARE LOCKERS OR TO GIVE THEIR COMBINATION TO ANYONE, AT ANY TIME.


Students are expected to use their planner. The planner is a way to foster organizational and planning skills. Students who lose their planner may purchase another one in the office.


Students riding skate boards or using in-line skates must stop using them when they reach school property. Students who use skateboards or in-line skates will have them confiscated.


Pop or soft drinks (Monster, Gatorade) are not to be opened, consumed in school except in the cafeteria. Water is allowed.